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Focus Bakery Solutions

Focus Bakery Solutions

The art and science of transforming simple, quality ingredients into edible baked delights.

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Whether opening a new bakery, expanding, adding new products, or looking for improvements, with thirty four years of diverse experience in the baking industry we will help you focus on solutions and find the best path forward for your business.

Our methodology begins with an evaluation, contact us today to get started.



Ideation Through Production

  • Define the target product attributes, production volume, and goals. ­
  • Create product formulations, processes, testing, sensory evaluation, and define production resources needed. ­
  • Scale up, document processes, and implement into production.


Science and Technique

  • Classroom training on specific topics such as defining quality and sensory evaluation, baker’s math, fermentation, production scheduling, troubleshooting quality issues and more. ­
  • Hands on training: mixing, shaping, baking, fermentation, machine operation, trouble shooting.


Improve Efficiency and Results

  • Identify space and equipment requirements, available resources, potential for future growth, plan workflow and layout.
  • Choosing the right equipment for the task, focusing on quality, efficiency, longevity, safety, available resources, and ROI.


Presentation Matters

  • How the products are presented to the consumer can be even more impactful than flavor and quality, from packaging to display and service.
  • Retail or wholesale, offering the right product mix and sensory engagement to capture the target audience and create interest.


Optimize and Streamline

  • From procurement to production scheduling and reporting structure, creating the right communication and accountability structure to meet the goals of your business.
  • Reduce redundancies and optimize effectiveness.

Industry Support
and Special Events

Specialized Contract Work

  • Equipment demonstration, showcasing how to use equipment effectively, highlight features and benefits. ­
  • Product/ingredient demonstration, illustrating the usage and advantages of a product or ingredient to educate and engage customers. ­ Organize or support unique events to attract customers, boost sales, and create memorable experiences.




Jesse Dodson started working in bakeries as a teenager and found a lifelong passion for bread and pastries which he has pursued for three decades. Over time he has baked in many different settings, including wood fired artisan bread in the back of a barn, fine dining pastry, wholesale production bakeries, and for many years, managed an in-store, from scratch bread program for a popular chain of PNW grocery stores. Product development and technical training are his favored tasks in the bakery industry. He also enjoys helping bakeries find improvements in quality, efficiency, and merchandising.

To me, baking is the art and science 
of transforming simple, quality ingredients into edible delights.

Jesse lives in Portland, Oregon and spends his time 
outside the bakery cooking, gardening, playing music, 
and riding motorcycles.


Jesse Dodson
bakery consulting services

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